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Sweetest Day Quotes, Quotes For Sweetest Day

Celebrated on the third Saturday of every October, Sweetest Day does actually have sweet origins. Reported to have originated in Cleveland in the 1920s the day was created to remember the unfortunate, and try to bring about some sweetness in their lives. The Association of confectioners lobbied in 1922 to create this day to celebrate kindness in every form, and till date the day sees massive sales of candies, that are handed out to the orphaned, the aged and those in need of some compassion. This year Sweetest Day is being celebrated on 19th of October and in our bid to contribute to the day we have for you Sweetest Day Quotes, which are bound to make your loved one feel the warmth of a kind heart. Just flip through our quotes and celebrate this beautiful day with your loved ones.

  • A life well lived is a life that has been spent in being kind to those who cannot repay you.
  • What we receive in life, makes for our living; what we give is what makes another’s life.
  • The greatest gift that you can give anyone, is the gift of a hug, it is the easiest to share irrespective of size or creed.
  • It feels quite nice to be important but what feels the best is being nice.
  • If you want to make other happy, be kind. If you want to be happy yourself, be kind.
  • The truest meaning of happiness can be found of the face of man whom you give hope when he didn't have any.
  • The degree of true happiness that one has in their life is equivalent to the degree of generosity that they exercise.
  • If you feel like the world is a cold place, be the one to spread warmth by lighting the fire of kindness.
  • The greatest religion that there ever can be is humanity, the day we practice it, is the day when happiness shall truly prevail.
  • Be ready to give a complete stranger your smile, sometimes it is the only source of sunshine that they have.
  • The best words of wisdom that I ever received was to treat everyone whom you meet as if it is the last that you’ll see of them.
  • There is nothing such as too soon a kindness for you never really know when it just might be too late.
  • The greatest wisdom that can ever be attained is kindness.
  • It is important to be good, but it more important to do good.
  • A life that is lived without kindness in your heart is a life wasted.
  • Where there is a human being, there you have an opportunity to be kind.   
  • If you act like, what you do makes a difference, there will come a time when you truly will. 
  • The true greatness of a man is measured by his kindness. 
  • When our heart is filled with love and kindness it’s when that we find inner peace and happiness.
  • Showing kindness when someone least expects is the cause and force factor behind the most astonishing changes. 
  • Nothing can heal an aching human heart than a random act of kindness.
  • It is easy to be good to someone whom you know and care about, the true test of character is being kind to a stranger. 
  • Little of a man is remembered except the amount of hearts that he touched in his lifetime. 
  • To be kind when the other person is in trouble, and be bold and courageous when troubles assail your own life, are qualities that every man should aspire to attain. 
  • There is nothing greater or more artistic than to love humanity. 
  • The greatest gift that you can bestow upon mankind, is the gift of kindness, one act can spark a chain reaction that may someday change the world. 
  • Nothing can ever make the heart feel as warm as words of kindness can.
  • Just as a tree is known by the fruit it bears, a man is known by the kindness of the deeds performed. 
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