Thursday, August 22, 2013

Valentine Love Quotes for Boyfriend

To have someone who loves you just as much as you do is priceless, and as girls we have all looked forward to that knight in shining armor who would love us endlessly. When you do find that special someone, who is everything that you could have wished and desired for, then you should make him feel loved and cared for. 

Send him our “valentine Love Quotes for Boyfriend”, which have been specially designed to make him fall in love with you even more for you sweetest gestures of love. Just scroll through our quotes and let the love flow through you.

Valentine Love Quotes for Boyfriend

  • I can make love to you for 24 hours non - stop. Of course I am kidding. I can actually make for the rest of our lives. 
  • Looking at your lips makes my heart roar for more. 
  • Every kiss in our journey of love is more precious than gold. 
  • When they asked me about my weaknesses, I wanted to say its you. I miss you everywhere. Love you. 
  • Amazing chemistry between us is really an interesting mystery. 
  • That stillness of night and that sound of your nails on my back, there can't be a better symphony! 
  • Hmm... I have no bucket list any more. You were the only desire. Love you. 
  • When our eyes talk, my life gets meaning. 


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