Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friendship Day, Happy Friendship's Day

Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. People who are not bound by anything but love come together and share this gift with each other, and this selfless sense of giving is what makes having a friend a very special feeling that just warms the heart.

When is Friendship's Day or Friendship Day Date:

Generally falling on the first Sunday of the month of August this year the date for friendship day is Sunday the 4th of August. That means that on the 4th of August people around the world are going to come together with their friends and celebrate the spirit of love that is embodied by friendship.

Friendship Day Wishes:

Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to tell your friends just how much they mean to you and that their love and support, has helped you through some of the darkest hours of your life. We are sure that letting them know by sending them our “Wishes for Friendship’s Day” is only going to make them love you even more.

  • Today is the day to let you know, that you have brought so much love and joy in my life that I’m indebted to you for life. Happy Friendship Day.
  • A friend is someone, who overlooks all your flaws and helps you bring out the best that there is in you. You have been my guiding light always and for that I’m grateful. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Friends are the choicest blessings that are sent to us from god, to help us make through the tough days that life might throw at us. Thank you for being there for me. Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Messages: 

On the occasion of Friendship Day send your loved ones our “Friendship day Messages” and make them feel truly special and loved. Make them feel like they mean the world to you and rest assured, your bond will only grow stronger from here on, and your relationship will blossom.

  • Friends are the only people in the world after family, who take you as you are and make you feel loved no matter what, I’m blessed to have friends like you.
  • Times when things are not right is when you realize who your true friends are, you have stood by my side through every hardship and that makes you a gem of a person and a true friend.
  • I can look back fondly on all the memories that we share together and smile to myself, for I know that they are just a reminder to all the good things that there are yet to come.

Friendship Day Images:

Celebrating Friendship Day is something that fills everyone with much enthusiasm and cheer, for who would not want to celebrate a relationship that is so true. So on this friendship day why not share our “Friendship Day Images” with your friends. 

Remind them of all the good ties that you've shared, and how your lives are much happier for you have each other. Our images have been carefully handpicked to bring out the true emotion of Friendship; celebrate this day to its fullest and spend time with your friends, letting them know that their presence in your life is what makes living so beautiful and so much fun.

Friendship Day Images

Friendship Day Quotes: 

Another beautiful way to celebrate Friendship Day and share the love that you feel for your friends is through “Friendship Day Quotes”. Tailor made for all your requirements, our quotes are one of the most perfect way to tell your friends how much you care about them and value them.

  • The richness of life can be judged by how many true friends one has. for they add to your joy and curtail your miseries. More precious than precious gems are friends.
  • They say that adversity is the truest and the best test of friendship, all who have friends after the storm has passed are the ones who are the luckiest.
  • Friendship is the bond that hold two hearts together, and the bond be so strong that it transcends the mimics and bounds of worldly ties.

Friendship Day Cards:

Friendship day is here and with it brings excitement and zest in all, after all one of the most cherished bonds of life is one that we share with our friends. Friends are the people who stand by us in our time of need and having great friends is something that we must always be thankful for. On this friendship’s day why not tell your friends just how much they mean to you by sending them our “Friendship Day Cards” not only will they see first-hand how much you appreciate them, we are sure that they will love you even more for that wonderful gesture.

Friendship Day Cards

Happy Friendship Day SMS: 

The quickest way to send across messages is via SMS, so why not utilize it on this Friendship’s Day to celebrate with your friends. Our “Friendship Day SMS” are the best way to make it short and sweet, yet most meaningful. Tell your friends how they mean the world to you.

  • I want to tell you today that I cherish you in each and every single way, you have given me happiness and joy abound. Happy Friendship Day.
  • There are people in one’s life who leave such an indelible mark on you that you cannot imagine your life without them, for me dear friend you are such a person. Happy Friendship Day.
  • Thank you for love and support through my darkest days and loneliest hours, I would have never made it through if it wasn’t for you. Happy Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Wallpapers:

Having friends is something that everyone wants, for who else can help you get through that rough day and bad patch. Friends are not only there to cheer us on, in our good times but also to help us walk when we can’t make it through life. They will be our best supporters and worst critics that is the beauty of friendship and the pleasure of having true friends

 So send them our "Friendship Day Wallpapers" and celebrate the beauty of friendship.

Friendship Day Wallpapers


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