Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love quotes for him on Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate with your loved ones. It is a time to make merry and express your affection and gratitude to have some of the most wonderful people around you. 

If you are lucky to have an ideal partner then you can consider dedicating love quotes for him on Christmas to make him feel special on the festive day. Pour out your feelings for the one you love dearly at the time of Christmas. Start a love affair with your crush by showing him your innermost feelings of love and passion for him on Christmas.   
Love quotes for him on Christmas
Love quotes for him on Christmas
Double your dose of fun and happiness on Christmas by showering your love on the guy you have been eyeing for a long time. Let your man know about the secret desire you have been harboring in your heart since the time you have met him. One way of putting forth your emotions for the man of your dreams is to send out love quotes for him.

  • “I want to spend the Christmas with you to dear.”
  • “Make Christmas a day to remember by being with me.”
  • “This Christmas, my only wish for Santa is to give me your love.”
  • “Hopefully Santa will not deny me your love this Christmas.”
  • “Santa might come searching for you this Christmas as I have asked him to bring along your love with him as my gift.”
  • “Getting your love will be the most priceless gift I could ever ask for in Christmas.”
  • “Open my heart this Christmas and you will find love in it.”
  • “Your thoughts are engraved deep within me and it is only you I want as Christmas gift.”
  • “If you are searching for your name in Christmas presents then you will find it etched in my heart.”
  • “Look in my soul and you will find the gift of my sweet love there.”


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